Revamping Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce company.

The story started in 2019, when we decided to level up all of ABOUT YOU’s shop applications. These include the mobile app as well as the desktop and mobile web versions. The general goal of the new version was to rethink all parts of the shop. We wanted to craft a whole new experience, in which every aspect is easier and faster for our customers.

Improve the general joy-of-use

Make everything easier

Clean up the UI

Increase the readability
Identified Challenges

One of the primary challenges during this project was to create a crowdfunding platform, which was targeting a digital and mainly mobile-oriented generation, who are used to screen-based multitasking.

While working on this product and speaking to potential users, it was discovered that users in our target group easily lose track and motivation in registration processes in general, no matter what they are registering for. Secondly, they have no ambitions to download an app to set up or to support a campaign, therefore we decided to focus on a mobile website solely.

A clean interface keeps the user in the funnel helping to focus on the product. While second-screening.

The user area shows detailed insights. Allowing an easy and fast editing.

Success stories as emotional content to engage the customer. Highlighting the impact of Crowdshopping.

Handmade Quality

Built By Actual Riders

Everyone at Salient bike industries is a die hard rider, and what this translates into ultimately is a higher quality product. We know the trails you want to go on so rest assured; we know exactly what’s needed to handle them.